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Our suggestion is that there is no reason for the Management of Maritime Shipping Companies to wait or be sceptic about Cyber-Safety compliance. Please click below and allow us to explain why.


Maritime Cyber Security VCell Cyber

The world's first and only complete, end-to-end managed vessel ICT solution, certified for Cyber Security by the American Bureau of Shipping and Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

VCell Cyber is the first and only end-to-end, and complete managed ICT solution for vessels, certified for Cyber Security by multiple IACS members (ABS & BV). VCell Cyber is a fully integrated ICT solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of the Maritime Shipping Industry. VCell Cyber provides a smooth, secure, fully controlled, consolidated, centralized and multi-functional onboard managed ICT environment for digital infrastructure and ship-to-shore communications that are managed and administered remotely on a 24-hour basis.

Maritime Cyber Security VTalos

Central Vessel USB Protection Unit certified for Cyber Security by the American Bureau of Shipping. VTalos stops infected USB files from entering vessel networks. 

VTalos is a one of a kind solution for onboard protection against incoming USB files, and an impressive startpoint for PSCO's audits. VTalos enforces an onboard three-step cyber security procedure as USB device files are first checked for malware, and only if found clean, are transfered to a dedicated wiped-clean vessel USB device, or get directly transfered to the vessel's server. VTalos also provides reverse scans from vessel server to local USB, it is fully managed by our portal and provides comprehensive reporting.

Maritime Augmented Reality Ermis

Augmented Reality solution providing real time, live bidirectional info in the form of text, graphics, audio and visual elements, integrated within the optical view of the person onboard.

Onboard remote view, inspection, assistance, and knowledge transfer, made direct without the need of the shore expert to be physically present onboard. Using sophisticated wearable glasses with their integrated camera, the shore side can have a direct view onboard and display guidance directly to the user’s field of view using our new smartphone application, through our mobile connectivity terminal. With the aid of Ermis, field service engineers, crew members, technical and operations personnel can share expertise directly on-site, achieving minimum response times regardless of where the ship is.


Krestainis 43, N. Filadelfia, 14342, Athens, Greece.

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