VSat / Uncompromised Speed and Coverage_ 

Globally Announced at the 2017 Digital Ship Conference and Exhibition_


Athens 1 & 2 November 2017. KVH is in Cooperation with IQ SOLUTIONS presented a single offering. KVH found a very competent partner providing a different way of solving onboard IT challenges. One of the things that made the match between KVH and IQ solutions so perfect, was the focus both companies have on providing a managed service.  


Moreover IQ Solutions is the exclusive representative of KVH in Greece. 

The fully managed service includes everything KVH has to offer starting from installation and network planning, shipping, hardware, installation, connectivity, entertainment, training, field service and support, as well as extended warranty for as long as you need it. 


KVH and IQ Solutions are the only companies in a position to jointly offer this, as we have full control over the majority of the elements making up the service. KVH manufacture their own antennas, manage their own network and maintain a certified support network throughout the shipping world, while IQ Solutions offers their hardware and a complete managed set of services covering all IT and Communications needs of your vessels.

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Connectivity as a Service + IT as a Service = KVH & IQ Solutions_


AgilePlans from KVH and IQ Solutions offer vessel owners a total maritime connectivity solution including all hardware and services needed, for a single monthly fee.

Together, we share one common vision

  • There is no end in sight for secure, reliable and auditable Information Technology Systems

  • There is no end in sight to the demand for faster, higher-value broadband services globally 

  • KVH launched new state of the art VSAT system with exclusive dual channel configuration: 

    • 10 Mbps x 3 Mbps channel 

    • Free unlimited channel 

  • All previously shipped V7IP systems can be easily upgraded 


So, by marrying up all the products and services we produce in a single monthly fee, we remove the restraints to the promises similar to cloud computing.  



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High Throughput Satellite by KHV_


By selecting the IntelsatOne Flex platform, KVH believes to have chosen the best available option for the end users. HTS are expected to be the SATCOM connectivity source for the next 5-10 years. 

Matching the requirements of higher speeds, more data, and lower costs isn't easy, but KVH found the ideal way to do just that. With an exclusive dual channel configuration on every HTS system shipped and installed by IQ Solutions, customers will have both a HTS data port and a fixed cost always on data port. It is then possible to upgrade each port to the functionality matching the companies requirements.  

Extended Coverage by KVH_



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