VCell / The Heart of Our Services_ 

Certified Cyber Secure Management of Vessel’s ICT as a Service_


Vessel Information and Communications technology management, under one Certified Cyber Secure System by Bureau Veritas, rented per month. Yes, it's the ideal situation you were thinking about your vessels. One redundant system, one team, one bill, no commitment. Simple as that.

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Agile SatComms + Agile IT + Engineering = VCell_


Following class guidelines on Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Management for Vessels as issued by BIMCO, CLIA, ICS, Intercargo, Intertanko, IMO and ABS, providing reliable and uninterrupted Vessel ICT operations, spanning from all information technology needs, to satellite communications management, as a complete, agile managed service.

Managed Services_

 > Managed VSat Services

 > Managed Networks

 > Managed Compute Infrastructure 

 > Managed Client Infrastructure 

 > Managed Voice 

 > Managed Printing  

 > Managed Security 

 > Managed Disaster Recovery 

 > Managed Shore Replication 

 > Full Remote Support 

 > Live Logging 

 > Live Monitoring – ICT HW & SW

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Engineering Services_

 > Virtualization 

 > VDI 

 > Load Balancing & Failover 

 > Firewall 

 > Remote Deployment of Software 

 > Business Network Segregation 

 > Antivirus Automated Updates 

 > File Storage + File/Folder Sync 

 > Critical Applications Automation 

 > Crew Welfare Services 

 > Maritime CCTV Monitoring 

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Everything as a Service_


One Team, One Service, One Monthly Bill = Blueprinting the Modern, Efficient, Data Driven & Secure Vessel: 

Managed Services_

 > Install

 > Align & Test 
 > Connect & Commission 
 > Manuals & Reports

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Vessel IT & Infra_

> Shock Resistant Rack 
> Highly Available Switches 
> Highly Available Servers 
> UPS Redundancy & Cabling

[ One ICT Managed Service / One Team / One Monthly Bill ]


One Set of Services_

> Knowledge of ICT Equipment

> Deep Knowledge of Systems

> Direct Acquaintance With Crew 
> Maintain & Repair Vessel's ICT

One Monthly Bill_

> Agile VSat Plans. 
> Agile KVH Equipment. 
> Agile ICT Infra & Systems. 
> Agile ICT Services.

VCell Provides you With_


  • Data safety, with full control, limitations, compression and encryption for the incoming and outgoing emails, company email account, add-on crew email solution and voice prepaid scratch cards. 

  • Data back-up from the vessels to the HQ with automated data entry and automatic windows synchronization (multiple times per day). 

  • Reduced management and onsite support with centralized infrastructure, plug ‘n’ play thin clients and remote, web-based management application. 

  • High availability with server replication and daily backup. 

  • Functionality successfully tested in real environment in hundreds of vessels. 

[ Security / Backup / Management / Support / High Availability / Optimized by Market ]


VCell includes IQ Solution's solution - IQ Marine_


  • Logging on the Fleet Broadband Terminal on board. 

  • Firewall services, load balancing & failover and logging of network traffic. 

  • Live monitoring of servers on board, in conjunction with IQ Monitor. 

  • System protected from Virus/Spyware. 

  • Controlled access to the system. 

  • Automation of critical applications, like PMS, Vessel Performance etc. 

  • Access to personal crew mail account through mobile devices via Wi-Fi installation on board. 

  • Crew Internet Service: Internet access to the crew using IQ Marine prepaid cards. 

  • Crew Prepaid Scratch cards: Crew calls using IQ Marine prepaid cards. 

[ Logging/ Firewalls / Load Balancing / Antivirus / Automation / Crew Services ]


VCell Highlights_


  • Helps reduce OPEX, with centralized infrastructure, automated antivirus updates, controlled printing and plug ‘n’ play equipment. 

  • Cyber Security Certified. 

  • Programs’ installation/upgrade is held remotely, dramatically reducing the need for travelling and onsite support (cost saving). 

  • Offers a high level of security with compression, encryption, audit on emails exchange and company email address. 

  • Provides 24x7 full support package. 

  • Available for customization and testing prior installation on board. 

  • Offers crew welfare services. 

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